Making Full use of innovation & technology in the world of window  coverings, Laquila solutions remain ideal for most Living and working  environments.
After sales service and customer satisfaction are  intrinsic obiectives, and have a primary focus in  Laquila quality objectives and quality policy.
Laquila offers a wide range of products that include  Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, roman  blinds and fabric curtains .
Laquila imports raw materials from the finest factories in the world and ensures that they are all environmental-friendly without producing hazardous substances during the manufacturing process. Laquila products are available in aluminum, wood, bamboo,
sunscreen and a large variety of fabrics to accommodate any design  and space.
Laquila Motorized op ions are available for the majority of Laquila  product . With its ideal solutions, guaranteed products, fast e  execution and dependable service,
Laquila professional team successfully completed various prestigious roiects including maior Towers, Palaces, Hotels, Hos itals, Universities, Government